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A few words about us

We are located in the village of Kastaneri on the mountain Paiko (altitude 800m), in the Kilkis regional Unit, Central Macedonia, Greece.

Our family has been cultivating chestnuts trees since 1955, when then the eldest of our family Dimitrios Poulios, successfully grafted our horse chestnuts trees.

In the year 2018, along with our production of chestnuts destined for fresh consumption, we started with zeal and care the processing of our chestnut cream.


Product Certification

Our company is granted with official quality assurance HACCP/CODEX ALIMENTARIUS for chestnut cream processing, by Q-check certification body.

Chestnuts Tree.png


From September 20 until October 15 every year our chestnuts are harvested. For a fast harvesting that protects the chestnuts from color change and dehydration caused by the sun, we place special manufactured nets on the ground. This fast harvesting maintains the chestnuts in perfect condition as regards their inner part and their shiny surface.

After their harvesting, we place the chestnuts in gunny bags made of hemp ensuring their easy breath and then on the same day we transfer them to our installation for sorting, size calibration and storage.

Chestnut Cream.jpg
Chestnuts 2nd Step.png

Sorting & Size Calibration

The chestnuts are cleaned and then brushed while at the same time the ones that don’t meet the specifications in terms of quality and health, are excluded.

The cleaned chestnuts travel along a conveyor belt for sterilization under Ultra Violet (UV) lamps and after the end of sterilization, are calibrated in for sizes:

Extra: max 45pieces/krg

A: 46-65 pieces/kgr

B: 66-85 pieces/kgr

C: 86>pieces/kgr

Chestnuts Cream.png


The chestnuts destined for processing, are washed thoroughly and then are boiled in cauldron fed by beech firewood, to remove their inner and outer skin for receiving the chestnut puree. Then the final mixture of 54 % chestnut puree with the addition of syrup, potassium sorbate and citric acid results in our splendid chestnut cream which is distributed to the market in vacuum packed 6 kilograms packaging made from plastic.


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